Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why are people complaining 2012's FIFPro XI?

I could make it easy for everyone and say that this year's FIFPro XI is more of a La Liga XI. But can anyone agree that this line-up is really hard to beat? Besides, every player in the world voted for their best XI of the year. The best players that lived up in 2012. The players themselves voted for it. Not people who call themselves "pundits" or "experts".

Top Row: Ronaldo, Marcelo, Ramos, Pique, Alves, Casillas.
Bottom Row: Falcao, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso.

At a glance, sure its a combination of Barcelona and Real Madrid with Falcao heading their team. Take another quick glance again, and you realize that most of the players on the list are their because of Spain's EURO 2012 triumph. I mean why else would 4 Barcelona players be on there when all they won last season was a Copa del Rey trophy? Apart from Lionel Messi being the best in the world (and winning a record 4th Ballon d'Or), the other 3 Catalan-based players were there on merit.

Again, "Why are all the players from one league? Don't they look at the other leagues?" These questions were the most frequently questions asked in Social Media outlets. However there is a debate on a couple of positions in that XI, especially Pique's, Marcelo's, Alonso's, and Falcao's cridentials.

Serie-A experts calling out for Juventus duo Andrea Pirlo and Giorgio Chiellini who both were at the center of Juventus' triumph where they went unbeaten, and Italy's run into the final of EURO2012. Bundesliga experts were shocked no Dortmund players, including Mats Hummels, was nowhere near the FIFPro XI, while Premier League enthusiasts insisted either Vincent Kompany or Robin Van Persie was fitted in the Dream Team. Not even a single Chelsea player - even for their surprising Champions League win - were there as well.
Zlatan: "Even I deserve a place in that line-up!"

Let me here say this - there are millions of athletes in the world at the moment. There are only 11 places available. 1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, and 1/3 Strikers (Face it, the other 2 places were always going to be filled by Ronaldo and Messi). You can argue all day long about who performed the best in 2012, but it's just an award of personal acknowledgement. All the players mentioned above were definitely debatable, but you can't argue much with this years' FIFPro XI. Why the players in that team are only from La Liga? Because the best players in the world ARE in La Liga. Even if that isn't true, we all now FIFA and Blatter is corrupt. We now he's secretly blowing Sandro Rossell and Michel Platini weekly.

Why don't we just acknowledge the beautiful game and get on with life? I know I'll do that.

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