Monday, 29 April 2013

My "Non-PFA Team of the Year" Team of the Year.

Eleven names has been announced by the PFA to fill up their annual "Team of the Year" awarded to players who has shone the brightest this season. As expected, the team is filled up by big names and best players. Of course there are names that was not included in this team. Here are the players that myself would put in a "Team of the Year" and names that were listed in the original PFA XI are not in consideration.


Original PFA's choice: David De Gea (Manchester United)

De Gea has been outstanding this year, but Lloris has impressed me a lot. Ever since he finally took Brad Friedel's place in the Spurs line-up, the French goalie has been very well in reading the game. Turns out AVB's decision to let Hugo analyze the Premier League from the bench for the first few games was a good decision after all.

Right back:

Original PFA's choice: Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City)

I expected Zabaleta to be in the official TOTY, but Rafael deserves more than just an honorable mention. With all the United wingers playing like [insert swear word here], the boy from Brazil is the one who is bombing down the wings for them.

Center back:

Original PFA's choice: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) & Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur)

Vertonghen has been the best defender this season, but Nastastic would have been a more deserving partner in the PFA XI. No offence to Rio. being snubbed by Woy has showed how his 'footballing reasons' were a bunch of [insert another swear word here], but Nastasic, who has just turned 20 this March, showed as much calmness as Rio has this season. David Luiz? Well he definitely knows more than a 5 year-old FIFA player in defending.

Left back:

Original PFA's choice: Leighton Baines (Everton)

Baines has been the best left-back in the league for the past few years now, but there is still a reason why Ashley Cole is still England's first choice in that position for the national team. Despite what most Arsenal fans would say, he's a living legend. This season is no different, and he deserves this mention. Speaking of Arsenal...

Right Wing:

Original PFA's choice: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

Even if his name's pronunciation is debatable, there is no question he has been the best player Arsenal has this season. Hazard has been hot and cold all season, but Santi has been consistently playing good. He surely merits a PFA XI inclusion.


Original PFA's choice: Juan Mata (Chelsea) & Michael Carrick (Manchester United)

Michu is 'Signing of the Season' in terms of financing factors, while Dembele has been the Londoners motor in the middle of the park. Their exclusion is just a pity that Michael Carrick and Juan Mata exists. It is hard to debate on that.

Left Wing:

Original PFA's choice: Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur)

It was hard for me to find someone to challenge what Gareth Bale has done this season from the left flank, but it was either Pablo or Pienaar who can come closest to being impressive from there. Me choosing Pablo is sorely based on how he easily replaced Scott Sinclair in the Swansea attack. I almost forgot that Sinclair is at City now.


Original PFA's choice: Luis Suarez (Liverpool) & Robin van Persie (Manchester United)

Both Suarez and van Persie being overlooked for the PFA Player of the Year award was a bit tragic. No striker has been more influential than these strikers, so for 2 strikers to be in this team other than them was more of a challenge for me.

Let me just say that Rickie Lambert is like a Grant Holt with ball skills and a more clinical shot in him, while Benteke is like Bent, but longer. Try to understand that joke. But in seriousness, both The Saints and The Villains respectively would not imagine if their star goalscorer would leave. Lets just leave it to that.

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